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About Us

Fibromyalgia South East Support (FMSSES for short) is a charity which aims to:

Provide information about the condition

Provide access to local support groups in the south east and other useful contacts

Spread awareness of the condition amongst health professionals and others

Encourage the setting-up and development of local support groups

Work with FMA UK, the national charity for fibromyalgia, Folly Pogs FM Research UK and Fibro Flare

We have been around since 2003, evolving from a pioneer group based in Crawley, Sussex, when there was an almost total lack of recognition of fibromyalgia, to our present role as above.  

Feel free to browse our website or contact us at

Registered Charity Number 1108454

The charity originated in 2003 as the Fibromyalgia Support Group for Surrey and Sussex (FMSSAS), as the brainchild of Jo Fisher, herself a sufferer from fibromyalgia. It achieved charitable status in 2005, following which it raised funds which greatly assisted in the research for and dissemination of information about the condition. It also ran support groups in Surrey and Sussex.

In 2009, because of the heightened awareness of fibromyalgia and the identification of so many sufferers from the condition, FMSSAS changed its emphasis, encouraging the setting up and development of independent local support groups in Surrey and Sussex which it could help financially and with publicity. Subsequently, independent support groups sprang up in adjoining counties, leading to the current position where groups from all over the southeast are associated with FMSSES.

As a result, in 2013, with the agreement of the Charity Commission, the name was changed to Fibromyalgia South East Support to recognise the current role being carried out.

FMSSES is managed by a small Executive Committee under a constitution approved by the Charity Commission



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